If You're Selling Your Own OR Rebranded PLR Products Through JVZoo Or W+...You'll WANT This !
Yes...You've Made The Sale from your list building or sales funnel ! Then Why Lose Part Of The Profits
When You Can Keep EVERYTHING ?!
You're Losing Money And You Don't Even Realize It !
You've Been Losing Profit With Every Sale From Organic Or Any Other Non-Affiliate Traffic !
  • MUST HAVE if you're selling PLR or your own products In Listbuilding Or Sales Funnels on ANY Wordpress Site...
  • Whatever platform you've lsited your product on (JVZoo, W+, CB) WP JVPro Detects the platform from affiliate traffic and "activates" the appropriate buy buttons and/or funnel...
  • Bypasses the affiliate platforms for organic traffic, your own traffic or other non-affiliate traffic (i.e. FB ads) and uses your preferred cart system or paypal (no extra fees for you)...
  • Offers the option to set "First Come First Served" cookies for your affiliates...
  • Uses only ONE sales page for every offer, even if you'd want to list your products in multiple affiliate platforms...
  • FREE updates for life through the WP admin...
WP JVPro Works With Any Popular Page Builder !
Seriously...Prepare Your Sales Pages For Incoming Affiliate And Non-Affiliate Traffic
And Save LOADS Of Money And Time...Fully Automated !
Selling your own products is THE way to go these days, simply because that's where the real money is for ANY business online. Not to mention the buyers list you'll generate to which you can promote affiliate offers and double your income EASY !

To sell anything online you will need some sort of payment system in place for customers to buy your products. Could be something as simple as a Paypal button, a link to a shopping cart system, or your own in-house cart....


If you want to do it RIGHT and massively increase exposure, distribution and sales, smart marketers know that they can use affiliate networks. Really clever, as it means you only pay a commission for sales and let the affiliates take the marketing risk, right ?

So you ARE the smart marketer and you join an affiliate network, and this is where is starts getting complicated and messy...
Let's Throw A Stick Of Dynamite Into The Fire...
To get even more exposure and increase your sales dramatically you'll want to list your products on multiple affiliate marketplaces.

Another reason is, that there are many affiliates who prefer to promote from a certain affiliate platform over another.

Mainly because of established relationships and preferred payment arrangements.

This is quite common for the guru merchants when they present their wares to the super affiliates to get them to promote.

So now we have lets say 2 affiliate networks plus your own shopping cart to deal with. That’s 3 payment systems, 2 different types of affiliates, and a trip to hire a damn good programmer!

And this means you will have to set up 3 sales pages for EVERY product, because your preferred cart system and every affiliate platform you choose have their OWN payment system and buy buttons...

You'll Be Paying Processing Fees On Every Platform
For Every Non-Affiliate Sale !
To give you an idea of how much non-affiliate traffic will come to your offers
and how much money you can actually SAVE on platform fees...
Imagine...on a $20 product listed at JVZoo you pay about $1 in fees per sale and on most other platforms that fee is even higher.

In the following screenshots you'll see ONLY non-affiliate traffic coming to our offers. Check the average price and the number of sales!
In the example above I could have saved AT LEAST $280 ! Damn...I wish we had developed WP JVPro BEFORE this...
OUCH...that's almost $2000 down the drain ! And we didn't even put ANY time into SEO or any form of advertising our offers, other than through affiliates...

So where did all that non-affiliate traffic come from ???

Who cares...the point is, you'll make a LOT of sales from non-affiliate traffic...PERIOD ! And you have to pay the fees for every one of them...
The TRUTH... Your Situation Without WP JVPro:
  • You're losing precious time on creating multiple pages for EVERY product you'll be selling online... (Lets' not even start about sales funnels !)
  • You're losing a LOT of money on extra fees from non-affiliate sales that come from organic traffic, your OWN traffic, facebook ads, etc...
  • The frustration will likely cause you to NOT start the whole process and you're going to leave a LOT of money on the table !
WP JVPro Is Your Instant Money And Time Saver !
WP JVPro is so simple to setup, you’ll wonder why your competitors keep whinging so much on forums about this stuff !
  • Add a product entry into the "Product" admin area...
  • Add a default network which represents your existing preferred payment system...
  • Provide a link to a button image and paste a wordpress shortcode where your buy button goes for a product...
  • Add an affiliate network entry to your product in the "Network" area...
  • Add downsell/no-thank-you landing page links in the "Network" area (provided by the affiliate netowork or manually for cart system) and paste a shortcode where the link should appear...
  • DONE !
Watch The Demo Video To See WP JVPro In Action...
What You're Getting When You Buy WP JVPro TODAY
The WP JVPro Plugin
Of course you're getting the WP JVPro wordpress plugin with your corresponding license ! There's an instruction video on the membership tutorials page that will take you through the install and activation of the plugin.
Full Set Of Buy Buttons
You can use ANY buy button you want and upload it to any location. All you need is the images URL and you're good to go ! We've prepared a full package of buy buttons for you, included on the membership download page.
Full Instruction Videos
On the membership tutorials page you'll find a full set of instruction videos on how to use the plugin. It's easy as can be, but we'll take you by the hand, so you can get the most out of WP JVPro for all of your products.
WP JVPro Is The Perfect Money Saving Tool For Anyone Selling Products Online...
And Don’t Want To Waste Too Much Time On Infrastructure And Setup !
All the problems I just spoke about are solved with an extremely simple interface. No need to create new pages, or new buttons.

Affiliates, from 1 or more networks, can send their traffic to anywhere on your site and get properly credited for sales.

Oh, and if you’re using Prosper 202, there is no need to create and upload outbound PHP pages – just paste the outbound link into the admin interface and WP JVPro dynamically sends them properly cookied to your tracking server.
So either you're already selling products online or there's NO DOUBT you're going to in the future...
You Owe It To Yourself To Be Safe Rather Than Sorry !
WP JVPro Dev.
List as many products as you want on your OWN or CLIENTS' Wordpress sites !
You can install WP JVPro on UNLIMITED domains !
ONLY $97
WP JVPro - Dev. 5 Dom. Upg.
5 Domain License
List as many products as you want on your Wordpress sites !
You can install WP JVPro on up to FIVE domains !
ONLY $67
WP JVPro - 5 Domains
Frquently Asked Questions
Q: When I buy WP JVPro...is it a one time payment or a monthly recurring fee ?

A: You only invest a one time payment. There are no hidden fees...nothing to worry about.
Q: Do you offer full support on WP JVPro ?

A: Yes, of course we do. Just go to the support tab at the top of the members pages once logged in. We will do our best to respond as quickly as we can to help you.
Q: If there's a new version of WP JVPro...how do I update the plugin ?

A: For every new version we release (with new features or for fixes) you will get a notification in your Worpress admin panel to update your plugin, just like all the other plugins. No need to download a new version and reinstall it.
Q: Are there any specific requirements to be able to use WP JVPro ?

A: All you need is a website with wordpress installed. Installing WP JVPro is easy and we've added an instruction video on how to install the plugin in the members area, as well as how to use it and get the most out of it.
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